Soberlink Certified for Greater Peace of Mind

At Avenues New York, our clients’ safety, wellbeing, and peace of mind comes first. That’s why Avenues NYC uses the Soberlink Monitoring breathalyzer. With real-time wireless blood alcohol monitoring, the Soberlink breathalyzer keeps clients connected to their recovery support system, allowing for greater freedom through increased accountability.

What is Soberlink?

The Soberlink breathalyzer is a professional grade portable breathalyzer equipped with facial recognition software and wireless connectivity. The Soberlink breathalyzer uses Sobersky, a proprietary cloud-based software engine that includes adaptive facial recognition technology, customizable testing schedules, and automated reminders and alerts. Thanks to its innovative design, the Soberlink breathalyzer is tamper-proof, removing the guesswork and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our clients.

How does Soberlink help Avenues Sober Living residents?

The Soberlink monitoring system is a voluntary program available to Avenues residents who feel it will enhance their recovery and increase their chances of long term success in sobriety. Clients can choose to bring a Soberlink breathalyzer along on long days outside the sober living, or on family visits and overnight trips. Clients can consult with their case managers and Avenues staff to determine whether the Soberlink monitor is the right choice for their recovery.

With a tamper-proof design and total wireless connectivity, the Soberlink breathalyzer gives Avenues NYC sober living residents greater freedom through accountability. Residents are free to work, travel, and visit their families without having to return to the sober living for on-site breathalyzer tests.

Soberlink’s real-time reminders and alerts keeps clients continuously connected to their recovery support system, while the integrated facial recognition software ensures accurate reporting. With its unique tamper-proof design and proprietary Sobersky software, the Soberlink breathalyzer gives Avenues NYC residents more freedom, while giving their families and loved ones peace of mind.

Who has access to Soberlink data?

The Soberlink breathalyzer links to an automated web portal through any computer or smartphone. This web portal creates real-time testing alerts and reports that can be accessed by any user authorized by the client. Breathalyzer test results can be monitored by Avenues staff, recovery support system members, family members, friends and loved ones, or anyone the client chooses to give access to.

Does Soberlink work?

By allowing Avenues staff and support system members to have real-time access to blood alcohol data, the Soberlink breathalyzer ensures the safety of our clients. Traditional breathalyzers require that their data be downloaded at a central hub or office in order to be accessed and interpreted. This means that with a traditional breathalyzer, a sober living client on a weekend or overnight visit could potentially have an alcohol-related incident hours or even days before staff members are notified and able to offer assistance and support.

The Soberlink breathalyzer sends immediate, real-time alerts to staff and other authorized recipients, allowing support system members to help immediately, reducing risk factors and giving peace of mind to clients and their family members. Avenues residents that have used the Soberlink breathalyzer have reported an increased feeling of safety and security, along with a sense of increased freedom and responsibility, without the inconvenience of needing to return to the sober living for a scheduled blood alcohol test.

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