If you’ve struggled with addiction and want to get sober, chances are the thought of home can be quite daunting. After a long time in recovery, some are desperate to go home and get back to some type of normality, but others find it a bit more overwhelming.


For some, previous homes can be triggering and life in recovery can be difficult if you don’t have a strong support system around you. Even though many go through rigorous detoxes and participate in specialized programs, returning back home straight away can encourage relapsing.


This is why halfway houses are the perfect transitional spaces for addicts to recover, giving them the ideal balance between protection and freedom. This way, they can learn how to live independently free from drugs or alcohol but know that they have a strong network of professionals to fall back on if they’re tempted to start using again.


Here are 5 things that halfway houses offer to help you thrive in sobriety.

  1. Supervision 

This might not seem like something you want but knowing that someone is watching out for you and keeping track of your routines is the best way of staying consistent.


The key to staying sober is consistency, so even though having professionals there to check up on you may seem like an infringement on your freedom, it’s a great way of making sure you don’t fall back into bad habits.


Remember these people are there to help you, not to limit your freedoms.

  1. Support

By attending meetings and socializing with others who are in a similar position, halfway houses offer you all kinds of support. By talking with professionals you can gain a great sense of how you’re doing in your journey and they can offer advice so you can keep on track.


Socializing with other recovering addicts is a lovely way to meet alike people that you can lean on for additional support. These people can relate to your struggles and it’s easier to go through recovery with others.

  1. Education 

Sobriety isn’t just about recovering from addiction, it’s also about how you can reintegrate with society following your struggles with substance abuse. Many halfway houses offer educational programs, giving classes on the basis, of financial management, computer skills, and employability training. This can help your transition back to ‘normal’ life easier.

  1. Mental Health Services

Recovery can have a huge strain on the mental health of previous addicts. Halfway houses offer mentoring services, in which people can obtain therapy to help them with recovery, family issues or any other struggles they may be facing.


Services also include anger management therapy, grief counseling and self-esteem classes, so regardless of what you’re struggling with, halfway houses can offer services to help.

  1. Rules

This one may seem less appealing, but by following the rules put in place by halfway houses, you can stay consistent and keep busy.


These rules can include curfews, chores, attending meetings, random drug testing and some even require you to attend job interviews if you’re not already employed.

Final Thoughts

Halfway houses can be a brilliant transitional step if you don’t feel ready to move back home just yet. At Avenues NYC, we provide luxury halfway houses to support recovering addicts in their journey with sobriety